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Brief Introduction of The Conference
The Asian Conference on Ultrasound Contrast Imaging (ACUCI) was sponsored by Dr. Fuminori Moriyasu, Dr. Min-Hua Chen, Dr. Byung-Ihn Choi, and Dr. Yi-Hong Chou with an aim to bring the best science of contrast-enhanced ultrasound (CEUS) together for the Asian specialists. In the recent decade, three ACUCI conferences were held in China (mainland), three in Japan, two in Taiwan (China), and two in Korea. The ACUCI timely updates and expands applications of diagnostic CEUS of organs and tumors throughout the body, along with promising investigation and clinical applications of therapeutic CEUS for targeted delivery of genes and drugs.
Key Dates

Meeting Date
November 22-24, 2019

Early Registration Deadline
October 22, 2019

Pre-registration Deadline
November 21, 2019

Abstract Submission Deadline
September 30, 2019

Notification of Abstract Acceptance

September 30, 2019

Invited Speakers and Moderators